Threaded Solid T-Handle with 3/8" (9.5mm) Socket Adapter

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This T-Handle features 1/4"-28 threads which are directly compatible with threaded PTG Reamers. It comes with a removable 3/8" square drive socket which fits any Chamber Reamer, Throat Reamer, Neck Reamer, or Throat and Neck Reamer with a 3/8" square drive shank. The T-Handle is 9" (~230mm) long, and allows the Reamer to be used in spaces where a standard tap handle will not reach. Optional Reamer T- Handle Raceway Bushing supports and centers the handle in the action during cutting operations for greater precision.

The 3/8" socket of this T-Handle features 2 set screws to keep it positively attached to the Reamer.