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    Indicator Rods are caliber specific. Indicator Rods use removable bushings just as our reamers do. Indicator Rods are for dialing in prechambered or re-chambered barrels. Indicator rods are 6” long made of steel and has a removable pilot bushing. It has an approx. 1” taper so that when inserted into a chambered barrel (designed for pre-chambered or re-chambered barrels) it will center itself in relation to the bore. A section of the rod will protrude from the bore this will enable you to align with the center point of the bore and gives you a fixed point that can be referenced prior to any operations. Each range rod is caliber specific and is available in all calibers.   Note: To assure perfect concentricity and repeatability, please carefully slip the best fitting bushing on a 60° center reamer, and very carefully cull .008 out of bore to get any imperfections out so the rod will work perfectly.
  • Grizzly Rods
    These rods are 13 inches long and are the same rods used at Gordy's Gunshop and in the Grizzly Gunsmithing Video. Grizzly rods are not caliber specific, they come in 17 Caliber, 20 Caliber, #1, #2, and #3. The grizzly rods take our standard bushings as used on our reamers: The #1 rod takes 22 cal to 6mm. The #2 rod takes 25 cal to 7mm. The #3 rod takes 30 cal and up.
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  • Bore Straightness Gauge
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    Used in production runs to check head spacing before assembly. With 0 - 1 Dial indicator. Standard will fit over a barrel 1.17 in diameter the heavy will fit a 1.25 diameter barrel. Comes with an industrial standard 0 - 1 indicator gauge.

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