Savage Bolt Accessory Kit w/o Handle

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This kit is manufactured in Blued Steel.

You may choose Stainless Steel for $10 extra.

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Savage Arms achieves its excellent prices by eliminating hand-fitting from its assembly processes. This means they can't work to tight tolerances as regards action truing and timing. One common complaint about the Savage bolt action is that the bolt lift (which cocks the striker) is quite heavy. As a matter of fact, the striker is usually "overcocked", so some of this effort is unnecessary.

This kit provides a method to lighten the bolt lift on your Savage 10/110 series rifle. It works for both long-action and short-action Savage rifles. It does not require machine tools or any removal of material (beyond some possible deburring). When the modification is complete, you can adjust your firing pin spring compression with a simple hex wrench.

Instructions are included. Most shooters who have the confidence to disassemble a rifle bolt can follow the instructions that come with this kit. If you have doubts about your own ability to make this bolt lift adjustment, please refer this operation to a competent gunsmith.

This kit includes:

  • Sleeve Centering Disk
  • Rear Threaded Nut with Adjustable Center
  • Detailed Instructions