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338 Cal. Pilot Hole Die Blank 7/8"-14 Thread

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Die has a pilot hole (.329" min. to a .331" max diameter) and is threaded on the bottom, knurled on top. This is the same style die as used by RCBS and other manufactures. 7/8" x 14 Thread. Die blanks allow you to cut a die for a custom chamber dimension or to create a new die for a wildcat cartridge. They must be reamed with a die reamer (sold separately) and are pre drilled with a pilot hole. Standard 7/8 x 14 threads to fit most popular reloading presses.

Technical Information

Material: 4140 chrome moly steel

Dimensions: Length = 3.875" Width = 3/4"

Features: Standard 7/8" x 14 Thread Size Knurled Upper

Notes: Not a finished die. Must be reamed to the cartridge specifications of your choice. Upper end must be drilled and tapped for internal die parts such as the decapping/expander unit as well as the seater stem (available from RCBS). Lock ring for setting the die for a desired cartridge length not included (available from RCBS). Pilot hole of listed caliber drilled through die body Die body is made of the same material as used by RCBS and other manufacturers. Heat treating is generally not necessary as the die body will last a long time after cutting to the correct dimensions, as the body will then only have contact from the brass cartridge cases. However, if heat treating is desired, heat to 1650 1700 degrees F and then allow to cool slowly for 3 to 6 hours.