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We are proud to consider a submission to our customer gallery. To increase your chances of being featured, please submit several large high quality photos, a description of the firearm and a summary of PTG products used. Submissions should be titled "Attn Customer Gallery" and emailed to the
The winners of our donated  65 Impala
Todd Libby nailed this black bear at 1154 Yards
with a .338 Norma
"We are happy to see our tools prove their worth"
Dave Kiff has worked with Emma Creek Gun Works extensively, designing and building Dasher reamers for Cody and Gary Church that have won many competitions and matches.

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Pictures from NBRSA Arizona

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Pictures from Whidbey Island FNRA

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  • 2010 Spirit of America

A few pictures from the PTG archives

  • Hale 6.5 by Aaron Hale
  • Hale 6.5 by Aaron Hale

Here are the pictures of the rifle now that I have it done. Once again thank you for all your help. It’s on a CZ 557 action.
Thank you
Aaron Hale
CZ-USA Gunsmith