Our greatest area of expertise at Pacific Tool & Gauge is Chamber Reamers. Chamber reamers allow you to re-chamber your current rifle to a larger and/or longer cartridge. Many cartridges accept the same barrel bore, so a re-chambering is often all that is needed to go from a .223 Remington to a .224 Valkyrie or turn your .260 Remington into a 6.5 Creedmoor for example. By upgrading your bolt face and chamber, you can move from a 30-06 to a 300 Win Mag simply by re-chambering and upgrading your bolt face to a magnum.

A Rougher chamber reamer is for when you must cut a large amount of material out to reach your chamber dimensions. You will need a Finisher chamber reamer to achieve the desired chamber dimensions.

A Finisher chamber reamer cuts the chamber precisely to the cartridge dimensions. When retaining the same barrel bore, often a Finisher reamer is all that is needed to re-chamber.

A Re-sizer chamber reamer is for cutting a full length sizing die. If you are requesting a custom chamber reamer and expect to reload, it is recommended to order a re-sizer chamber reamer to have a matched set for precision loads.

A list of our chamber reamers grouped by bullet caliber can be found by Clicking Here.

We also offer a wide variety of chamber specs for your new rifle project, and by calling (541) 826 - 5808 you can begin the process to have your own custom reamer/print created for your specific needs.