30 Cal Throat Erosion Gauge Kit w/ M1/ M14/ M1A Extension

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(Image shows disassembled tool with both included adapters shown.  Also shows assembled tool.)

Comes with instructions on how to use. 

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M1, M14, M1A 30 Cal Throat Erosion Gauge Kit gives accurate, comparative readings on actual barrel throat erosion for all M1, M14 and M1A .30-06 and 7.62mm Nato, High Power Service Rifles. Insert in empty chamber and take reading every 1,000 rounds to accurately measure and track barrel throat erosion.

The ARA-MOR Throat Erosion Gage is designed to aid the competitor and gunsmith by providing a versatile gauge to measure the amount of chamber throat erosion in a barrel, which along with other factors, can affect accuracy. The tool determines the amount of throat erosion by providing a means to measure how far a tapered plug enters the chamber throat. The grater the amount of erosion, the further the tapered plug will enter the throat and the higher the reading on the gauge. 

Includes Erosion Gauge Kit and Instructions.