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Receiver Drilling Fixture Ruger 10/22

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This drilling jig permits cleaning a 10/22 from the rear without removing the barrel. It locates the correct spot on the rear of the receiver for a hole to be drilled that allows the cleaning rod to pass through. Helps keep the rifle accurate by eliminating damage done by the cleaning rod when inserted through the muzzle. 

Technical Information

  • 4" long, steel
  • Locates cleaning hole location in receiver.
  • Permits cleaning from the rear without barrel removal.
  • Requires that a hole be drilled in the rear of the receiver.

Instructions: Remove the two bolts and fiber washers from the fixture. The 10/22 receiver must be completely disassembled with all parts removed, however the barrel can stay in the receiver. The fixture mounts to the right side of the receiver. Use some suitable material to protect the receiver, then place it on the fixture, lining up the threaded holes in the fixture with the trigger guard retaining pin holes. Use the bolts with the fiber washers to hold the receiver on the fixture. Put the receiver with the fixture in a padded vise, orient it so that the rear of the receiver is facing up. Use a .257" diameter drill bit (this is an "F" drill bit) to drill a hole in the rear of the receiver. Use the bushing in the fixture as a drilling guide. Use Tap Magic to lubricate the bit while drilling. Do not drill more than 1" into the receiver. Deburr the hole with a small file or other tool. This hole will allow a cleaning rod to access the bore from the rear of the receiver. The cleaning hole may be threaded with a 5/16" - 18 tap and plugged if desired. Reassemble the 10/22 and check for proper functioning before use (which should be done anytime a firearm is disassembled).