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Remington Shop Action - Barreled Action Please Read Full Description View larger

Remington Custom Shop - Barreled Action. This product is removed until we have them in stock and will be priced accordingly.

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Please download the complete list of Remington Custom Shop’s Center fire model 700 and model 7 barreled actions. 

Full description and disclaimer for Remington Custom Shop Barreled Action for Model 7 and 700.

These are the last Remington assemblies made before Remington shut down. They are short chambered and intended to be finished at the Remington Custom Shop. They have to be finished at any qualified gunsmith or armory of your choice. These Barreled Assemblies are guaranteed to be chambered in the specified chamber, the receiver, recoil lug and the finish as described in the line item description. Some may have a stock, trigger, bottom metal already on them at no additional charge. Others might not have trigger, trigger guard, floor plate picatinny rail, or bolt with it. At Pacific Tool and Gauge’s discretion we may supply an over stock Remington, or Pacific Tool and Gauge bolt, It may be a one or two piece bolt with our choice of extractor. If we do, the bolt will need to be fitted by a professional gunsmith or armory and may need to make additional purchases for a firing pin, cocking piece, bolt shroud, and finished if you want it to match. If you do choose one of these Receiver Barreled Action Assemblies and would like to have it finished in a match grade, or change a 30-06 Springfield to a 300 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC), or a 6.5 Creedmoor to a 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) we can help with that as well. Please check the recommended bore and twist rate at and compare them to the finished rifles at to find out what the Barreled Assemblies have before rechambering a short barrel to a new caliber.

Note: If you purchase one of these Barreled Action Assemblies and you are missing any one of the items, Pacific Tool & Gauge is here to help. Here is a listing of PTG Custom shop Offerings. Please check back from time to time as we might add more offerings.

Complete Pacific Tool & Gauge Precision ground one piece bolt with integral handle blue printed to your action-$450

Complete Pacific Tool & Gauge/Remington bolt, if yours is missing-$180

Remington Custom shop engraved floor plate and trigger guard, if yours is missing-$80

Correct stealth or flush mount detachable magazine bottom metal installed with a magazine-$200

Short or Long action picatinny rail, if yours is missing-$45

Cerakote the entire rifle or parts. Call for a quote.

MTD Chassis system. Call for a quote.

GRS laminate and composite Stocks. Call for a quote.

If you are missing a trigger, we are offering Remington X Mart Pro triggers, Timney Triggers, as well as Triggertech. Call for a quote.

Any of these Remington Barreled Receiver(s) you would like Chambered with one of Dave Kiff’s competition, or match Chamber Reamers. It will be perfectly headspaced and completely blueprinted, built, and assembled by the original Remington Custom Shop. Call for a quote.