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Bench Rest Cocking Piece .030" Relief

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Designed per Bench Rest shooters' requests, this cocking piece offers various benefits for Bench Rest shooting.

Only recommended for experienced shooters / gunsmiths.

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This custom cocking piece was developed after requests came in from several Bench Rest shooters. It features a relief of .030" where the cocking piece engages the trigger group. This relief means the cocking piece holds forward from its original designed position when the firing pin is cocked. For Bench Rest shooters, this results in the following benefits:

  • Reduced firing pin spring compression, regardless of what trigger group may be installed
  • Lighter, smoother trigger release
  • Quicker lock time, since the firing pin has less distance to travel

This cocking piece is not recommended for self-defense or hunting rifles. The reduced firing pin travel and force can cause misfires, especially on hard primers. Bench Rest shooters compensate for this issue by carefully making up their own ammunition with soft primers.

Only recommended for experienced shooters / gunsmiths.