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Shotgun Muzzle Crown Facing Cutter

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This tool is used to square-up a shotgun barrel muzzle prior to crowning. Interchangeable pilot maintains the tool in perpendicular alignment and concentricity during the facing operation. Perfect for removing dings or squaring up a rough-cut muzzle.

Material is HSS (High-Speed Steel).

  • Bushing For - 20 Ga 0.615 Bushing
  • Bushing For - 16 Ga 0.665 Bushing
  • Bushing For - 12 Ga 0.725 Bushing
  • Bushing For - 10 Ga 0.775 Bushing

NOTE: All PTG Reamers and Cutting Tools are designed to work with petroleum-based lubricant. Water-based lubricant can give acceptable results, however the life of the tool will be reduced. For best results use petroleum-based lubricant.