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12 Gauge Thin Wall Tru - Choke Reamer

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This Choke Reamer is for use with interchangeable pilot bushings. It may be used by hand, but best results will be achieved with the use of a lathe. Before use, be sure there is no constriction or choke in the barrel.

Tru-Choke thinwall for over and under, lightweight single shot, side by side with thin barrels. 0.020" thinner than standard Tru-Choke tubes.
12 gauge .775" - 44 tpi, accepts thinwall style tubes only.

12 ga Choke Reamers are available in carbide for an additional fee. Call for prices.

Technical Information


  • Use with interchangeable pilot bushings.
  • Remove any existing choke or constriction in barrel before use.
  • May be used by hand but a lathe will give best results.
  • Reamers have integral stop, taps have ground threads.

NOTE: All PTG Reamers and Cutting Tools are designed to work with petroleum-based lubricant. Water-based lubricant can give acceptable results, however the life of the tool will be reduced. For best results use petroleum-based lubricant.