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Bedding Fixture for M1A Rifles

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This fixture supports the barrel, receiver and trigger group in the correct position during the bedding process. The steel U-shaped bar holds the trigger guard partially open, while the aluminum spacer centers the barrel in the stock channel. The result is perfect barrel-to-stock positioning.

Technical Information

  • Trigger guard is held partially open by U-shaped bar.
  • Barrel is centered in channel by the Cylindrical Spacer.
  • U-shaped bar is steel, 1-5/8" x 1 1/16"
  • Spacer is aluminum, 1-1/2" diameter, 2-1/2" long

Instructions for Use:

Insure that the firearm is unloaded and is pointed in a safe direction, disassemble the firearm removing the rear handguard and the trigger assembly (which may remain intact). Place the stock in a vise that is sturdy enough to hold the stock while applying the bedding compound. Apply the bedding compound to the stock. Slide the Cylindrical Fixture onto the barrel with the recessed shoulder facing towards the stock. The Cylindrical Fixture is prevented from sliding on the barrel by the gas cylinder lock. When placing the barreled action into the stock, ensure that the Cylindrical Fixture is properly placed on top of the stock ferrule. Turn the firearm over and apply any bedding compound necessary to the trigger housing area. After installing the trigger housing assembly, use the "U" Retainer is to hold the triggerguard closed by inserting one end of the "U" Retainer into the safety hole and the other on the outside of the triggerguard bow. This will hold the triggerguard in the proper place while allowing the bedding compound to cure.