.223 Caliber 10 Round Double Stack Single Feed (DSSF) Max Box View larger

Accurate-Mag .223 Caliber 10 Round Double Stack Single Feed (DSSF) Max Box Magazine

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Accurate-Mag Products Precision center fire rifle cartridge magazines are based on current service configuration meeting all Mil-Spec and NATO Stanag requirements. Our magazines fit all M24 & M40 type service rifles as well as MK13 and NATO Variants. AM Products is the proprietary manufacturer of magazines for the recently fielded M2010 sniper system. The innovative insert wall system allows the standard 308 SA magazine body to be used for several calibers including 223, 6.8 SPC and .223 AI. Existing rifles with M24 type 308 Bottom Metals can be retrofitted to smaller calibers by simply changing the barrel/action to the selected caliber on the same stock.

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