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Bullet Pointing Die Insert 2

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Bullet Pointing Die Insert #2

One of the most inconsistent and least utilized part that we have access to is the bullet tip. The solution is our bullet pointing die. A bullet pointing die is a die used to make a sharper point on a bullet. By doing this, we have made the bullet fly more efficiently resulting in less drop and wind drift. Who can benefit from this? Pretty much every rifle shooter who shoots at longer ranges can. The most inconsistent surface on a bullet is the tip. The 1000 yard benchrest shooters have developed a solution. It has become popular to trim the Bullet tip in recent years so that each one has exactly the same shape at the Bullet tip. Undoubtedly this has made the bullets more consistent and resulting in tighter groups. With a bullet pointing die, we can make the Bullet tip smaller rather than bigger. Consider that a little pointing will do a lot of good. Typically with the bullet pointing die, we can close the Bullet tip up to about half of its original diameter. Here is the kicker-by closing it to half of the diameter, the surface area is only one fourth of its original amount. This is the reason the pointing die is so effective. How effective is it? Again talking about bullets typical for long range competition, we can gain about five percent better wind drift compared to bullets right out of the box. We are also getting an increased consistency of BC because we have reduced the size of the imperfections at the Bullet tip. Better accuracy down range and better performance is a winning combination. The smallest practical diameter that a bullet can be pointed to is about twice the thickness of its jacket. As a practical matter, about .030 to .040 is about the limit.