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Accurizing the Factory Rifle by M.L. (Mic) McPherson (Paperback)

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Deals in considerable depth with the topic of accurizing the factory rifle. Covers bolt action rifles in detail, with coverage for lever actions, pumps and single shot rifles as well. Not for major gunsmithing such as chambering, the book is intended for minor corrective work, and is fully illustrated.

M.L. (Mic) McPherson originally envisioned Accurizing the Factory Rifle (AFR) as the home tinker's guide to gunsmithing, especially of non-bolt-action rifles (because so few practicing gunsmiths know anything about those guns). AFR grew to be far more than that. For more than ten years, AFR has been the standard introductory text in many gunsmithing schools in the U.S. and Europe.

In AFR, McPherson goes into considerable depth on the subject of improving rifle functionality and accuracy. He covers bolt-actions, lever-actions, pump-actions, and single-shot actions.

He does not provide in-depth details of major gunsmithing chores that require a mill or a lathe, such as chambering, but he does explain the basics of what those things include. For those who want to know what their gunsmith means when he says something such as, I will blueprint the action, this book will be helpful and it might even help the reader determine if a particular gunsmith knows his business.

At almost 400 pages, AFR includes hundreds of excellent pictures. These illustrate every aspect of every subject covered in the text.

As one of the premier lever-action gunsmiths of our time, McPherson follows his own advice. He uses techniques discussed in AFR, to make custom Marlin rifles that are as good as a traditional lever-action rifle can be.

(Unfortunately, the printing plates for AFR were destroyed in a weather-related catastrophe and only a few hundred copies of this classic now remain. It is worth noting that out-of-print books with McPherson's name listed as author or editor now routinely sell, used, for ten times the cover price.)



Great book

Have had this book for a while & I still read through it to refresh my memory or to look something up. Better than what you'll find on Youtube that's for sure.

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Accurizing the Factory Rifle by M.L. (Mic) McPherson (Paperback)

Accurizing the Factory Rifle by M.L. (Mic) McPherson (Paperback)