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We are proud to consider a submission to our customer gallery. To increase your chances of being featured, please submit several large high quality photos, a description of the firearm and a summary of PTG products used. Submissions should be titled "Attn Customer Gallery" and emailed to the
Thank-you note from Brownells CEO.
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Pictures from NBRSA Arizona

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Pictures from Whidbey Island FNRA

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  • 2010 Spirit of America

A few pictures from the PTG archives

  • Hale 6.5 by Aaron Hale
  • Hale 6.5 by Aaron Hale

Here are the pictures of the rifle now that I have it done. Once again thank you for all your help. It’s on a CZ 557 action.
Thank you
Aaron Hale
CZ-USA Gunsmith

  • PRS Match
  • PRS Match
  • PRS Match
  • PRS Match

Photo’s from Andy Folk from his PRS Match over the weekend, we sponsored him for a match and he is kind enough to share photo’s with us for our website.